In 2018 Henley Rugby Football Club agreed a 5 year playing plan covering the period 2018 - 2023. It covered all sections of the club from Henley Hawks, Community Rugby, the women’s section, and Kids First and Junior sections; it was detailed with specific objectives for each separate part of the club, how and when they were to be achieved.

The ambitions and scope were wide ranging and required funds beyond those raised normally to support ongoing playing activities. Hence the Ambassador Club was born with the express intention of supplying those funds so that the plan would become a reality.

Currently this Ambassador Club has some 45 members who have committed significant funds, initially for the first 3 years of the plan. After one year a number of the playing objectives have already been achieved and progress is in process on all of them.

The following brochure outlines the main details on how the club operates, its benefits and how to join. Please note you do not have to be a member of Henley Rugby Club to join the Ambassador Club.

For discussion on any aspects of the Ambassador Club, please email Mike Trethewey on

Alan Popham
Aubrey Doran
Barrie Jones
Barry Smith
Bob Bleackley
Chris Nixon
Christopher Laing
Claire Murdoch
David Bucknell
Doug  Ash
Dr Nicholas Bottomley
Ed Horner
Gavin Cameron
George Cassells
Giles Hoff
Graham Horner
Hugh Crook
Ioan Macrae
Irene Dallas
Johannes Sikkens
John Kernick
John Louth
Laurence Morris
Martin Bidlake Corser
Michael Trethewey
Mike Thomas
Neil Ashley
Neil Hutt
Nick Bradbury
Nick Clark
Nigel Pike
Paul Venables
Peter Cawthra
Philip Fletcher
Richard Bradbury
Richard Murdoch
Richard Schafer
Robert Hart
Rod Bowen
Sam Harrop
Shane Renders
Steve Gant
Stuart Mackie
Willie Carr

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