Dear Member,

I hope this message finds you well as the nation continues to be gripped by the impact of Coronavirus. We have never experienced times like this before and each and everyone is affected by it, fighting health issues with loved ones, to financial hardship and working from home with school children.

To overcome the emotional struggles of our time, many of us are turning to social media, distance contact which is effective at keeping in touch with family and friends. Please keep in touch with those who are isolated and vulnerable, family members and friends not seen for a while. I have recently heard from some old school friends not seen for several years, bringing hope and encouragement when and where needed.

Although not a major priority, the well-being of our rugby club is important as we hope in the coming weeks to return to normality. You may have seen or read about community clubs like ours suffering with major financial problems and that some might go out of existence. Daily, members of our management team are working hard to meet various challenges; working with our partners at Dry Leas ; effects on our sponsors and their businesses, our staff and all our players, coaches and volunteers. Now is not the time to highlight our actions, but please be reassured that we will survive, our financial pressures are being well managed and we have strong laid out plans to be operating effectively and with enthusiasm for next season.

Throughout this period, families will be trying to lead normal lives coupled with the excitement of babies being born and sadness with the loss of valued family members. Please accept our congratulations or condolences at this time. Let us look forward to a time when lockdown is over, work and financial pressures are easing, schools are back open and life back at Dry Leas returns to normal.

One of our major plans is to complete the new Tiger Turf which will give players, coaches and community users a lift on their return. This project has been funded by sponsors, grants and donations. We still need you to buy our raffle tickets and make donations, through the shop on our website, to get us over the line. I was asked by one member, why are we still doing this ?

My answer is that our existing Tiger Turf will not pass the accreditation due this summer, and that monies raised are specific to this project and cannot be transferred to other areas, with a delay providing significant consequences.

We are now ready to go, so let's be positive and do it.

Like all clubs, our budgets for next year will have to be reduced due to uncertainty with sponsors, fundraising and general operating costs and income for the club. This will impact on all of us, from playing budget, equipment and ability to carry out some measures within the club. We cannot predict with any accuracy exact impacts as this picture is an ever changing one but we are planning for a solid, supportive budget which we can provide and deliver.

I need to inform you that our scheduled AGM for May will be postponed probably until late July , but we will confirm the date when possible.

I hope this serves as a useful update of our position and a reassurance that together we will get through these difficult times and continue to thrive as the strong community club we are.

Finally, may I on behalf of the management team wish you all a safe and healthy Easter.

Take care,

Chris Nixon